Places Visited

1. Indianapolis, Victory Field
2. Salt Lake, Spring Mobile Ballpark
3. Louisville, Louisville Slugger Field
4. Amarillo, Potter County Stadium
5. Vancouver, Nat Bailey Stadium
_6. Lakewood, FirstEnergy Park
_7. Nashville, Greer Stadium
_8. Sacramento, Raley Field
_9. Dayton, Fifth Third Field

10. Des Moines, Principal Park
As a chicken, I've winged the continent to get to a lot of ballparks in my time. I've worked more pro stadiums from top to bottom, inside and out, backwards and forward, than anyone in the game.

Perhaps a few veteran player scouts may have sat in more, but no one has had an overall run and experience of parks as I have. Heck, I was born in the grandstand and raised on drinks and hot dogs.

And while it's vogue to attend and rate major league parks, the real truth is that the prime seats are unavailable to a visiting baseball affectionado. Chances are, you'll have to take in your experience from seats in the next zip code. Not so in the minors. If you should ever plan a diamond trek in the future, try a venue in the minors.

As such, here's a bird's eye view on the best of those places. Some are gleaming and shiny edifaces, while others are built on a foundation of pure character. All of them are special in their own way.

In all, my roll call of favorites has ten of the most entertaining summer stages to enjoy a game. Now do as I do and cross those roads to get to them!
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