Bawdy Bird July 1998

Bawdy Bird is a Hit
- Sunday July 19, 1998 -

by Dan Morris
Sun Sports Editor

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A sell-out crowd of 6,000 was in a fowl mood Saturday night at Pringles Park.
The Famous Chicken from San Diego had fans laughing from the get-go with crazy antics and high-energy stunts during the Diamond Jaxx's game against the Birmingham Barons.
"He's wonderful, really entertaining," said Amy Fuller of Camden. She was seeing her first Jaxx game with sons Tad, 9, and Matthew, 5.
"The Chicken was a big reason we came, but we'll definitely be back," she said.

Tad liked the part where The Chicken "showed the pictures. "
Ted Giannoulas, the 5-foot-4 joker inside The Chicken costume, got his biggest laugh while coaching first base during the bottom of the second inning. To distract the Barons, he unrolled a poster of a scantilly clad beauty and showed it to the Birmingham infielders.
Jaxx third baseman John Cotton promptly singled up the middle. Then The Chicken showed a poster of a scantilly clad, overweight lady.
The crowd was roaring, but the Jaxx couldn't score. The baby chickens came next. Dressed like the famous mascot,

a crew of 5-year olds followed him onto the field and tried to repeat his every move, like swatting the Baron's catcher on the rear as they waddled by between innings.
"I liked walking around like The Chicken," said Elvin Bernard Ewell Jr. , 5, of Jackson. "I was having fun. "
So was Tyler McCall, 5, of Milan.
"I liked flapping my wings the best," he said.
Jaxx president David Hersch liked the fifth sell-out of the season the best. NBA player Tony Delk of Brownsville was even among the fans.