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When two titans of American entrepreneurship meet, it's time to toast the moment with Champagne.


The truth is, that wasn't the exact occasion when TV mogul Ted Turner and The San Diego Chicken (Ted Giannoulas) got together in celebration years ago. But it still made for a wonderful picture.

Mr. Turner's superb new autobiography, Call Me Ted, features a classic black and white photo (in color below) of the Atlanta Braves' then-owner with The Chicken, embraced and whooping it up in the clubhouse after the team had clinched the 1982 National League Western Division title.

Also pictured is legendary broadcaster, the late Skip Caray, who is quite amused in a moment of clarity, as he interviews the drenched celebrants live on national television.

"That ranks as one of my favorite crazies of all time," said The Chicken. "Ted Turner insisted I join him as his special guest because he said he and the players were fans of mine and the Braves always won on Chicken Nights. The instant we arrived, both of us were ambushed with a cascade of Champagne from every corner. Even Ted dumped his first bottle on me before drinking. My feathers smelled like New Year's Eve for a week!"

Call Me Ted, written with Bill Burke and produced by Grand Central Publishing, is the long awaited chronicle in the remarkable life of Ted Turner, a genuine visionary in business, media, sports and philanthropy.



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